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Did Selena Gomez Suffer A Panic Attack At The AMAs?

Last Sunday, on November 19, we saw some of our favorite artists performing at The 45th annual American Music Awards, at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles, California. The show was broadcast on ABC and was hosted by Tracee Ellis Ross. Although having strong emotions is part of stars’ performances and the audience’s impressions, one celebrity was criticised for having a panic attack. Twenty-five-year-old actress and singer Selena Gomez allegedly suffered a panic attack before or during her performance at the AMAs.

On Sunday night Selena Gomez performed Wolves at the American Music Awards. This was actually her first performance in over a year, and that’s why all of her fans were too excited to hear her. She recently opened about her dangerous battle with her condition lupus. This led to her having a kidney transplant surgery.


On the red carpet, she showed off a new blonde hairstyle, looking more than ready to perform.


The beauty was wearing a sexy slip, Tiffany necklace, and sneakers with socks. After she took the stage to sing her single, her fans started criticising her performance on Twitter. Many said that it sounded like she was lip-syncing.

“If only she didn’t lip sync it would’ve been a great performance,” fans claimed.


Other commented: “So Selena Gomez’s big comeback they’ve been shoving down our throats for a month was her lip syncing and rolling around on the floor?”


That was not all.

“Lip sync battle? Oh wait.. it’s just a selena gomez performance”

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Doesn’t it seem a bit harsh? Other fans also noticed that she seemed sad.


Twitter fans claimed that she suffered a panic attack. “There was a rumor that Selena had a panic attack during her performance, we don’t know how true this is but could be why she looked sad throughout. but no matter what we are grateful for everything she has done and #WeAreProudOfSelena.”


Other fans were more supportive.


“The fact that Selena had a panic attack before going on stage and then actually performing is both heartbreaking but shows just how strong she really is @selenagomez I love you so much, baby.”

Selena hasn’t reacted to these rumors yet. However, having a panic attack is certainly not what someone would want them to happen on stage.

When you have a panic attack, you feel an increased heart rate, pain, and a feeling like you’re going to die. They last between 30 seconds and several minutes, and then you end up being exhausted all day. Panic attacks could be triggered by anything, including social anxiety, stress from a financial crisis, or trauma. You can treat this condition with meditation or therapy.

Source: VT

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